Friday, 30 December 2011

Films We Want To See Christian Bale Do

Kathryn and I had a long phone call a couple of weeks ago where we discussed our favourite actor and insane person, Christian Bale. We decided to help him with his future career since Batman is soon finishing (sob), and came up with some options for films using genres he hasn't yet tackled.

This just made me laugh
Note: you may only find this amusing if you know Christian Bale. If not you will just think we are a bit messed up. Meant for amusement only! (Though obviously it would be amazing if he did actually star in any films like these).

Kathryn wrote up some of of our favourite picks:

1. Rom-com starring Bale, with Jennfier Aniston as the love interest.

2. Teen body swap comedy. Bale and his daughter, or just some random girl he knows, swap bodies Freaky Friday style. Hilarious consequences. Suggested actress to play girl – Miley Cyrus, who can then also do a musical number.

3. Modern day remake of the classic musical Brigadoon, directed by Christopher Nolan. Also starring Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine of course, as is always the case in a Nolan film. Suggested female lead - Marion Cotillard (depending on how good her Scottish accent is).

4. Mannequin 3. Again, produced by Nolan. Bale is the mannequin. Suggested co-stars - Eddie Murphy or Jim Carrey as an updated version of Hollywood.

5. Buddy movie comedy starring Bale and Will Ferrell. Bale is released from a psychiatric institute and taken on a road trip by his best friend (Ferrell). Along the way Bale snaps and thinks he's Batman (basically he seems to be playing himself).

6. Sequel to Elf as Bale plays a baby raised by elves in the same way as Buddy in the first film but is evil. OR when he finally clicks that he's not an elf he attempts to a) kill parents or b) ruin Christmas.

7. Bale as Dr Doolittle but with a sinister edge. Perhaps as a taxidermist who only speaks to the animals he stuffs.

8. As a serious suggestion, any film with Jeff Bridges. We honestly don't know why this pairing hasn't happened yet in this industry.

Come on now, who wouldn't want to see at least half of these films?!

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